AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Chad from Missoula: Mr. Williamson- I know you probably get alot of these messages, but I need an answer for a burning question. With the Raiders having 3 great backs, what are the chances that the Raiders trade Justin Fargas and a draft pick for Anquan Boldin? Obviously, that would come with a monster contract for Boldin and assuming the Raiders would part with Fargas. I need an answer because we need a proven WR and we need it now. Boldin is THE only WR I want and I need to know if its possible... Thanks so much, Chad

BW: Thanks Chad, this does make some sense. The Raiders would be in good hands with Michael Bush and Darren McFadden in the backfield, and Fargas is still valuable. And the Cardinals could use Fargas. But in the NFL, even trades that make sense are difficult to make because of cap ramifications. But I could see this one working for both sides.

Serr from Denver: you're a hard guy to reach I've sent like 7 questions already and have yet to get a response, so here we go again. with the Falcons letting go of Milloy, do you see the Broncos signing Milloy and going out there to get Chris Mcalister to counter Bailey? afterall they did let go of Bly to Upgrade, Mcalister would be a HUGE upgrade

BW: Thanks for the patience, Serr. These guys could be an option, and so could any defensive back. Denver is looking for up to three new starting defensive backs, so everyone is a possibly. It's as simple as that.

Chad from Cape Coral, Florida: Hey Bill! Great job on the AFC West. You are my connection to all that is the Raiders being out here in Florida. With Crabtree being injured do you think the Raiders still take a chance on him at #7? I would prefer an OT, but our last "can't miss" left tackle isn't even playing that position now.

BW: Thanks, Chad. I think Oakland's chances of getting Crabtree actually increased with his injury because he will likely be available at No. 7 now. So, Oakland may get a shot at him and I see the Raiders having a very hard time passing him up.

Cody from Oregon: Hey Bill, I follow your reports... I was just wondering... I've been on the Denver Message Board and there have been talks about Champ Bailey possibly being traded? Is there any chance this may happen? For Denver's sake, I hope not.

BW: I've heard rumblings as well. But folks in the know say while anything can happen, it may be a stretch. Here's the deal: Denver only has a couple of good defensive players. Why trade one of them?

Mike from San Diego: Hey Bill, What do you think about the possibility of the Chargers signing Gibril Wilson? He's a solid tackler and would be an improvement in terms of coverage over Clinton Hart. I know A.J. has said that the Bolts won't go after a big-name free agent, but I think that Wilson fits the mold of the type of player A.J. would pursue.

BW: I think it makes sense as well, Mike. I've been making calls, and so far there's not much too it. But I will continue to monitor the situation.