Big plays dominate action in San Diego

SAN DIEGO – San Diego has used the big play to take the lead against Tennessee. The 2-5 Chargers led the Titans 27-19 early in the fourth quarter,

But the Titans came back with a big play of their own as Vince Young hit Nate Washington for a 71-yard touchdown. The Titans went for two and failed, giving the Chargers a 27-25 lead with more than 11minutes to go.

San Diego took a 24-19 lead on a 48-yard touchdown pass from Philip Rivers to tight end Antonio Gates. Both players are having big games. Rivers has thrown for 258 yards through the first three quarters Sunday. He had thrown for 2,601 yards this season through the third quarter Sunday. No quarterback has thrown for more yards through the first eight games of the season.

Prior to scoring his touchdown, Gates was in the locker room, getting his foot re-taped. He has been dealing with a toe injury for the past two weeks.

Rivers’ touchdown to Gates came one play after backup running back Mike Tolbert had a 36-yard run. Tolbert is the game for rookie starter Ryan Mathews. He suffered cuts to his head and missed a couple of series. He returned in the fourth quarter,

Late in the third quarter, Tolbert was banged up and missed a few plays. On the next play, running back Darren Sproles busted out for a 32-yard run to give the Chargers the ball at Tennessee’s 40-yard line to start the fourth quarter.

If the Chargers are going to keep up their penchant for the big play, they might be able to end their three-game losing streak.