Denver Broncos at the bye

Here is a look at the Denver Broncos and what needs to be done after the break:

Record: 2-6.

Reason they are in their current state: The Broncos just aren’t a very good team right now. The wheels have fallen off the past two weeks. Denver was beaten by 45 points at home by Oakland in Week 7 and then it lost by eight points to the 49ers in London. After competing earlier in the season, Denver hasn’t looked very competitive in the past two games.

Best player so far: Where would Denver be without quarterback Kyle Orton? He has played very well this season. Denver coach Josh McDaniels is getting a lot of heat for the team’s poor start, but he deserves credit for helping Orton become a good player. Orton is not an elite quarterback, but he’s better than average and you couldn’t say that last year when he was thrown into the Jay Cutler trade with Chicago.

What needs to be done: Denver needs to run the ball better. Denver is ranked fourth in the NFL in passing, but dead last in the run game. The Broncos need to find balance. Defensively, Denver has to get healthy and try to re-energize. Things are going south for the No. 24-ranked defense.

Fearless forecast: Denver will finish in last place in the AFC West with a 5-11 record. Injuries and a dearth of overall talent will combine to make this a lost season for the Broncos.