Draft revisit: Jacoby Ford

Jacoby Ford had one of the best games by a rookie receiver ever in the NFL on Sunday as he carried Oakland to a critical 23-20 overtime win over visiting Kansas City on Sunday.

Ford became the first rookie since 1979 to return kickoff for a touchdown and have at least 100 receiving yards. Ford had six catches for 148, including two game defining catches at the end of regulation and in overtime. Ford was a fourth-round pick out of Clemson. He has gotten an opportunity as a receiver in the past three games. He had four catches in two games before breaking out Sunday.

Ford, who runs a 4.2 40-yard dash, was the fastest player at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. Prior to the draft, he was considered a good prospect because of his speed.

But there were knocks on the 5-foot-9, 185-pound player.

I caught up with Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. on Monday to discuss what he thought of Ford prior to the draft:

“I thought he was a good pick in the fourth round. There were two big knocks against him: inconsistent hands and his small size. But he also had a knack for the spectacular play and he’s such a weapon as a returner and a big-play guy because of that speed. So, I thought it was good fit for Oakland in the fourth round. I am surprised that he took over an NFL game so early in his career. He wasn’t that polished of a player in college. But, again, he has that speed and he showed it. It was really impressive because those two big plays at the end of the game, he really showed good hands. I was surprised the way Kansas City played him on those two plays. They played off him. Because of his size, he’s a type of guy you bump early and be physical with. If not, he’s going to get by you … I think down the road he will be a very good weapon for Oakland as a slot receiver. He can do a lot of damage that way.”