Report: Davis made Campbell call

The Contra Costa Times is reporting the decision to keep Jason Campbell the starter in Oakland was made by owner Al Davis.

Should we be surprised? This is just another indication that Davis makes the big calls in Oakland.

But we can’t argue with this decision. The Raiders have won three straight games with Campbell as the starting quarterback. Bruce Gradkowski, who replaced a struggling Campbell in Week 2, has missed the past four games with a shoulder injury. He is close to returning.

Yet, Oakland coach Tom Cable said earlier this week that he would probably stay with Campbell when Oakland returns from its bye Nov. 21 at Pittsburgh. Cable had previously maintained Gradkowski would get his job back when he returned to health. Now, it appears, Davis has made the executive decision to stick with Campbell.

A source told the newspaper this: "Mr. Davis likes what Jason has done the past month and doesn't see the need to change when things are going well," a person familiar with the situation said. "He thinks Jason is a classic fit for the Raiders style of play."

That last sentence may be a stretch. I’m not so sure Campbell is a classic fit for anything. He has been far from perfect in Oakland. But he has some keys plays. Davis clearly likes Campbell’s big arm. But the guy has to become more consistent throughout the course of a game for Oakland to make a long playoff run.

But the truth is, Campbell has done enough to keep the job and Davis shouldn’t be criticized for making that call. This decision doesn’t have to be permanent. If Campbell fails, Gradkowski will always be there. Davis has to know that.