AFC West bonus weekend mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Justin from Yucca Valley, CA: Hey Bill,I am a die hard and long suffering Raiders fan. What do you think of the Raiders drafting Pat White in the 3rd round? The so called "draft experts" have him playing wide receiver at the next level. If this is true with his speed and athletic ability, could he play an offensive role similar to that of Antwan Randle EL when he was in Pittsburgh? With the wildcat formation all the rage these days, this sounds like a good fit.

BW: It's an interesting idea, Justin. White is zooming up the draft boards, so someone is going to likely use him in the role you described. Could it be the Raiders? Why not. They could use the help, sure.

Aaron from Syracuse: Would Cassel, Vrabel, Aaron Curry,a drafted or FA Offensive Linemen, Bobby Engram, and a pass catching RB be enough to keep Tony Gonzalez in KC? If so, what are the chances of making all of that happen? If not, what compensation do you think the Chiefs will get for him in a trade?

BW: I don't think these moves are going to be enough to convince Gonzalez to stay. Now, I'm not saying he is going to want to leave because of these moves, but from talking to Gonzalez about the subject a couple of times I know he wanted to see major upgrades on the defensive side of the ball. Other than the addition of Vrabel, significant defensive improvements have not happened. Gonzalez could still stay in Kansas City, but I know he'll want to see better players coming to town on the defensive side of the ball.

Anthony from Napoleon, OH: Bill, How do you think people are going to look back on the Cutler/Cassel situation at the end of this next season if Cassel crashes in Kansas City? Personaly I don't think Cassel will do as well in Kansas City. Mainly because he just doesn't have the supporting cast as he did in New England. but here's my perdiction... Shanahan goes to Dallas in 2 years after they fail to make the playoffs and Cutler gets the call to come and replace Romo. But in all honesty, being the Bronco fan that I am, I really wish Bowlen would have stayed with Mike

BW: I think Cassel and Cutler will be compared as long as they are still in the same division and as long as Cutler is coached by Josh McDaniels. It is going to be a circus every time the Broncos and Chiefs play.

Coos Bay: Even if LT restructures his contract..still need to beef up the RB position..what about Michael Bush - Raiders..Didn't the Chargers try to claim him off waivers last yr and Al pulled him back in...he was great at Louisvile..then broken leg sidelined him..big, fast back that could really be the future primary back in SD.

BW: San Diego almost acquired Bush from Oakland during the season. There were reports that Bush was on the trading block last week. Still, I don't think Oakland will trade him unless it gets a high draft choice in return, and I'd still be surprised if the team pulled the trigger and sent him to San Diego.