Should orange crush blue in Denver?

With the recent success the Broncos have had in their alternate orange jerseys, some fans are calling for the team to wear them on a more regular basis. US Presswire

The beauty of the NFL is all it takes is one victory to bring back the frivolity of the game.

Case in point: After Denver, 3-6, waxed first-place Kansas City, 49-29, while wearing its special orange jerseys, there has been a grass-roots campaign to make the jerseys the team’s standard home attire. Currently, the orange jerseys are the team’s alternate home jersey than can only be dusted off on a limited basis.

The local paper is pushing the cause of the orange and there are talk-radio polls on what Denver’s home jersey should be. The Broncos’ usual home jerseys are a blue-based.

Denver coach Josh McDaniels’ added fuel to the orange love by saying this Monday: “I love the orange jerseys. I know we are only allowed to wear them I think twice in the regular season and once in the preseason, unless we make that our standard uniform. I think our guys kind of like wearing the orange. I like the orange. But that decision to make that our permanent uniform is going to come from (owner) Pat (Bowlen) … love to wear the orange, I do. I wouldn’t mind it all … we kind of get excited. Everything, from when you walk in the locker room, it looks different when you have all the orange jerseys, so it wouldn’t bother me at all.”

What do Denver fans think? Do you want Denver to go to the orange jersey full time? Fill up the comment section on the bottom of this post with your thoughts. Also, what do fans other the other three teams in the division think of their uniforms? What is your favorite look of your favorite team?