AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Evan from Fresno, CA: Hey Bill, I thought I knew what kind of player the chargers would be drafting-a running back or a middle linebacker-but now that they've signed Burnett and Tomlinson, which players do you think they are likely to go after?

BW: I think a linebacker could still be the answer for the Chargers at No. 16. A defensive lineman or a safety could be targets or perhaps a guard could be the way San Diego goes in the first round. I don't think the Chargers will take a running back in the first round, but there are plenty of other options.

Chris from KC: Is there a real chance that KC could pick up Orland Pace? What kind of money is he worth?

BW: Not sure what kind of money Pace would be seeking but the Chiefs have plenty of money and they have a need. I could see it being a good fit.

Jay from Chicago: Bill - If Cutler doesn't show up to mini-camp this week, will that be a signal that he's not willing to play for McDaniels and that they should move forward in trading him? Denver can get anything they want for Cutler right now and if they don't trade for a QB, Rex Grossman is out there and still can play. That might be a huge downgrade, but the guy's been to the Super Bowl. Any thoughts on what happens if Cutler doesn't show up to camp?

BW: If Cutler doesn't show up, it could be trouble. I know for sure that Cutler is thinking about not showing up Monday for the offseason workout program. If he doesn't show, this saga will go to a new level and the Broncos will have to think of other options.

Big J from sacramento: Bill, what are my Chiefs doing? We know what they are not doing, and that's signing players. Any chance we look at Tank Johnson or Kevin Burnett? We desperatly need help along the front 7 and both of these players could be had at resonable prices. Also, what's up with kicking situation? Why not bring in Stover to compete with Barth?

BW: Burnett, of course, is off the table now that he signed with San Diego. Johnson could be a possibility. I'm with you, Big J. The Chiefs have been much quieter than I thought they would be in the first phase of free agency.