Report: Jarvis Moss is a Raider

Jarvis Moss will reportedly stay in the AFC West.

It is being reported that Moss has signed with Oakland. He was cut by Denver last week after being a complete draft bust. Moss was the No. 17 overall pick in 2007. Denver traded up four spots to secure the Florida star. Moss did nothing in the NFL. Drafted as a pass rusher, Moss has 3.5 career sacks. His last sack was in 2008.

Denver coach Josh McDaniels said Moss he was a poor fit for the team’s 3-4 defense when he cut Moss. But Moss didn’t do much in Mike Shanahan’s 4-3 defense in two seasons, either.

This is a low-risk pickup for Oakland, which loves to collect former first-round picks. Moss is coming in as a backup. The Raiders needed depth because starting defensive end Trevor Scott is out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL. Matt Shaughnessy will start.

Not much will be expected from Moss because he has never shown he can be a quality NFL player. Maybe the lights will turn on for him in Oakland. But right now, he should be looked at nothing more than a depth acquisition.