Special mailbag edition: Cutler saga

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Because of the onslaught of questions in light of Jay Cutler's public announcement of his trade request, we are doing a special Cutler-themed mailbag.

Jared from Rye, CO: Bill, with all the drama in Denver, I've been hearing rumblings on a Denver radio station that Tom Brady could be coming to town for Cutler and our #12 pick? Is this even conceiveable?

BW: I don't see that happening. The Patriots love Brady. That would be a shocker.

Matt from Salt Lake, UT: Hi Bill, I have a question nobody seems to have asked yet. Shanahan was let go because he had too much control in Denver. Jay Cutler was the future of the franchise and the one player Denver has had in the past 10 years that gave fans hope. If McDaniels has the power to trade him for Matt Cassel there must not have been to much power taken from the head coach position in Denver. This could mean two things. Mike Shanahan was not fired because he held too much power, or Bowlen wanted Cassel over Cutler. What's your take?

BW: My take is that McDaniels was given the same power that Shanahan had or he wouldn't have tried to get Cassel in the first place.

Kurt from Dayton, NV: Bill--it seems that there is one very logical trade that would benefit all involved that no one is discussing. A trade between the Broncos and the Rams, involving Cutler and Bulger (and some draft picks from the Rams to the Broncos) makes perfect sense. McDaniels picks up a possession qb that he desires and an immediate starter, along with high draft pick either this year or next to draft a young qb for the future, while the Rams get an excellent young qb to go with their movement towards a younger team and that can pair nicely with Stephan Jackson. Both teams keep legitimate starting qb's for the upcoming season and into the future, and the trade solves problems for both teams. I think it makes perfect sense, but have heard no one talking of this possibility. Hear anything?

BW: The No. 2 pick would have to be involved and Bulger would only be a stop-gap solution in Denver.

Josh From Toronto: bill, quick question about cutlers lack of maturity. why can he not get over his ego and come back and practice harder and train harder to show the team that they need him? it makes the most sense for a player of his calibre to shut up and work his ass off to show his worth to the broncos

BW: I think it is all a trust issue. I can see where people think Cutler is being a baby in this situation but remember he didn't start this. He didn't ask for it.

JACOB from LINDSAY NE: If the Broncos decide to unload Cutler what's the return value on a young pro-bowl quaterback??

BW: I'd say a top five pick and maybe even a little more. Pro Bowl quarterbacks who are entering their fourth season don't always become available.

Dave from Utah: I know this sounds crazy, but what about firing McDaniels and Re-hiring Shanahan? This would keep Cutler happy and in Denver and Shanahan would benefit from the newly revamped defense that Denver has purchased through free agency. I know it sounds crazy, but it seems like a better idea than trading your franchise QB, or keeping an unhappy quarterback.

BW: I don't see that happening. Denver owner Pat Bowlen is standing behind McDaniels. I will tell you this: If Denver's awful for the next two years, McDaniels will be in trouble.