AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Ryan from NJ: Hey BW, a lot of mock drafts have Tyson Jackson going to Denver. I dont mind the pick, but I have a question about him. In this year's draft, I hear a lot of DE's can stand up or have a hand in the ground (ie:Orakpo, Maybin), but i havent heard that about Jackson. My question: can he do both? I see he's almost 300, but in his tapes I see he is pretty quick.

Bill Williamson: I think he can play both standing up and with his hands on the ground. Jackson fits in the 3-4 defense. Some teams don't really like him. There is a high rate of failure for defensive ends, so it is tricky. Two years ago, Denver used the No. 17 overall pick on Jarvis Moss, who has been a huge failure so far. Denver can't afford any more failures on defense.

Jason from ATX: Bill,Love the blog,read it everyday. Lifelong Broncos and Longhorns fan. Can the Broncos possibly get my main man Brian Orakpo. I think he can play in the 3-4 and do some real damage under the McDaniels reign in Denver. Keep writin it and we'll keep readin it!

BW: He'd fit well in Denver, but I doubt Orakpo will be available when the Broncos pick. If he is, I'd think he'd be the Broncos' choice.

Kit from Warren: Do you think Oakland has a chance sign either Orlando Pace or Torry Holt?

BW: I doubt Pace will be pursued since Oakland already signed Khalif Barnes and it will likely draft a tackle in the early rounds. Holt could be a possibility. He has a small market so far, so you never know if Oakland will come in and sign him. He'd help.

Robert from Colorado Springs: What is the probability that KC trades Tony G? What is his value? Also, any news on the LJ front? Will he be traded prior to or during the draft or will KC simply release him? If traded what would be his value?
BW: Right now, it looks like the team will keep Tony Gonzalez. We'll see on Larry Johnson. I think the Chiefs will end up trading him before or during the draft.

Rich from Long Island, NY: Bill, I read your blog about how Tom Cable looks promising as the Raiders new coach. The Raiders are perennially among the most penalized and undisciplined teams in the NFL. Unless Coach Cable plans to address the problem the Raiders are destined to repeat their recent history.

BW: That is very true. He is a pretty hard-nosed guy but Cable does have to instill discipline in this bunch. He had trouble early in his interim tenure last year but like everything in Oakland, the discipline factor improved toward the end of the season.