AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Jake from Sacramento: Bill, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why Oakland is not trying to sign a veteran receiver like Torry Holt or even Amani Toomer when they have an absolutely glaring need. Russell will never have the opportunity to succeed when he is throwing to bums like Higgins, Schillens, and Walker. The same can be said for McFadden if teams are unconcerned with the Oakland passing game as they very well should be. I'm not sure a WR draft pick is the right move either, after all, its not like Calvin Johnson is in the draft and ready to jump right into the fold. But even if they draft a WR, that would compliment Holt nicely and turn around their wideout situation immediately, right?

BW: I thought Oakland would go after a veteran as well. There is still time. Amani Toomer would be a nice fit even if the Raiders draft a receiver in the early rounds, which I believe, will be the case.

Zac from Oswego, KS: Hey Bill, Read the blog all the time. I'm a huge KC Fan and was wondering, could the chiefs trade down in the draft to get a 5-10 pick and maybe a late round Cassel?? Wow what an offense!!!! Thanks for the time, and I LOVE YOUR BLOG, Keep writing.

BW: Thanks, Zac. I could see Kansas City moving down. The Chiefs need a lot of help and they can get some nice picks by trading the No. 3 pick. But if they want Crabtree, they better not wait too long. He will be a top 7 pick, I think. And, yes, he would look good in that offense.

devin from Aztec, NM: What do you think the chances are that Denver goes for Mark Sanchez in the draft? It would give them a shot to start with a new QB and he seems to know his stuff.

BW: Really, I think Sanchez is a great fit and if he is there at No. 12, Denver should take him. But I think Josh McDaniels would rather take his chances this year with Kyle Orton and Chris Simms and draft a quarterback in the late rounds to develop. That has been the New England way and it is clear McDaniels lives by the New England way.

Maynard from Florida: hey i love how you feature the raiders.im a huge fan what is the possibility of the raiders getting Ramses Barden with our second round pick?

BW: Yes, I think the Raiders love this kid. But if Oakland takes a receiver in the first round (which I believe they will do) I don't think Oakland will take a receiver in the second round as well.

Chris from Chicago, IL: Bill, I've seen reports that Denver is working out Pat White. What are the chances of grabbing him in the second/third rounds? Could he fit there as a third or fourth receiver and run a little QB in situations?

BW: Yes, Denver looking at White. I think he is a third rounder. He is an interesting prospect who can help out in a lot of different areas.

John from Shingle Springs, CA: What do you think it would cost the Chargers to get Peters from the Bills? If they were able to do so, I see Peters being the LT and McNeill moving to RT. What do you think about this?

BW: Jason Peters will cost a lot. Buffalo wants a ton in return for him. It would cost San Diego, at least, its No. 16 pick in the draft. I don't think it'd be worth it. The Chargers should use their resources on defense or on a top offensive player who falls in the draft.