Breaking down the keys to a Chiefs' victory

I caught up with Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. to address the Kansas City Chiefs' matchup against Baltimore in a wild-card game Sunday.

Williamson thinks the key will be to stop Baltimore defensive linemen Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata. The Chiefs’ offensive line is coming off its worst game of the season. Quarterback Matt Cassel was sacked seven times and was on the run nearly every play against Oakland in a 31-10 Raiders win.

Still, Williams thinks the Chiefs have a chance Sunday:

“I think Kansas City left tackle Branden Albert is their best lineman and he has to deal with Suggs, who is much more than just a good pass-rusher. He’s really good against the run and he’s just a tremendous player. Kansas City also has to deal with Ngata. This is more than a nose tackle -- he moves all over the line. Kansas City has to be ready for it.

In some ways, Oakland’s defensive front is like Baltimore’s because they have guys who move around. So, the Chiefs have to use the tape as a learning lesson. It has to improve there.

But this Baltimore defense isn’t as good as many people think. They are old and they get tired. If the Chiefs can stick with their running, it could really pay off in the second half. I think the Ravens should win, but the Chiefs have a chance. I don’t think the Ravens will dominate them.”