Davis needs to move on to Jackson now

It’s time that Al Davis hires Hue Jackson.

Davis survived a scare when San Francisco hired Jim Harbaugh on Friday. Jackson was interviewed by the 49ers on Wednesday.

Davis needs to promote Jackson from offensive coordinator to head coach before another team wises up and starts pursuing Jackson as head coach. The last thing Davis needs is to get into a bidding war for Jackson’s services.

Denver’s list of prospects is uninspiring and I wouldn’t be surprised if it became interested in Jackson. He had immense success in his first season as the Raiders offensive coordinator. Jackson is considered the front runner to be hired in Oakland and to replace Tom Cable, who was unceremoniously dumped Tuesday after going 8-8 this season. It was the first time Oakland was at least .500 in eight years.

I have maintained that the only way the Cable firing will make sense is if Jackson is hired to keep some continuity and to keep the faith of the Oakland players.

So, it’s time for Davis to stop playing around and stop giving Jackson more time to get a better offer if one is out there. I’ve been told that Davis could look at other candidates and that it could be a slow process, which is usually the case when Davis hires a new coach.

But there’s risk involved for Oakland. Davis dodged a bullet when the 49ers landed Harbaugh. So, it’s time for him to go ahead and hire the best man for the job and give his offense the opportunity to continue to grow under Jackson’s guidance.