AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Midweek mail call:

Matt from San Francisco: Hey Bill, What are you hearing about Tony Scheffler? Are the Broncos trying to trade him for a second- or third-round pick this weekend?

Bill Williamson: The Scheffler trade talk has been fairly quiet. Denver has so many draft picks, including five in the first 84 picks, so it isn't like the team is dying for more choices. But if a huge offer, such as a second-rounder, comes in for the tight end I could see the Broncos pulling the trigger during the draft.

Hindersingaba Lal from Bakersfield: Hey, BW great job on your blogs. With the draft near, can the Raiders still trade down? If, not what is the chance Al will reach for Micheal Oher? To get that protection for Jamarcus Russell.

BW: Sure, the Raiders can trade down but it may not be easy and it may not be what the team wants. The Raiders are going to have a choice of some top players at their biggest need areas: receiver and tackle. So, I think Oakland may just stay put at No. 7 and be fine.

Ted from Pittsburgh: Mr. Williamson, I know Detroit has been somewhat satisfied with Culpeppers progress returning to form, drafting Curry now is a real possibility. That being said, I've wanted the Chiefs to take Crabtree from the moment they picked up Cassel. A lot of people out there hammer Crabtree because they think the Big 12 defenses where weak. Now I know that Crabtree was doubled and even tripled for 3 quarters of his 2 year career and still managed 231 catches, 41 touchdowns, and 3,200 yards, In two years! Would you agree with me that with the way Kansas City is set up in a new Coach such as Haley and his scheme, to go with Bowe, Gonzalez, veteran Engram, the new look Larry Johnson and Charles nabbing passes out of the backfield, that the chiefs would Bring the most out of Crabtree's game and would be a perfect fit. I like to think so, we need more possessions and more first downs and our defense would be much more successful at the same time.

BW: If the Lions take Curry -- I still think they will take Matthew Stafford -- Crabtree would be a nice addition as would an offensive tackle such as Eugene Monroe. But at the end of the day, I think Curry will be available at No. 3 and I think he should be the choice in Kansas City.

Greg: Is there any truth to the Seattle/Sanchez rumors? I hope theyre serious. That makes KC the team to trade with if youre the Jets or niners. AND...if so, would Seattle considers swapping picks with KC to prevent those trades? Maybe Pioli could swing a second round pick out of the deal??...my Chiefs get a 2nd rounder, still get Curry and lose nothing!

BW: I think Seattle is interested in Sanchez but it may be a tad nervous about taking a player so high who is going to sit for a year or two. I think Seattle, ultimately, will take a player who can make an immediate impact.

Rob from Houston, TX: Little is being said of the Chargers' need to draft a backup for Jamal Williams. If he goes down with an injury, the defense will nose dive. Why aren't the Chargers more concerned in your opinion?

BW: It's a need, sure. Williams is getting older and he has knee issues. But I don't think it is a major need. Maybe the Chargers will take a developmental nose tackle in the middle rounds.

Tom from Calgary, Canada: Hey Bill, love the column. I find hard to believe that Kansas City would take Aaron Curry in the draft now that they are stacked at the linebacker position with names like Zach Thomas and Derrick Johnson. I'm sure there have been hundreds of emails questioning the Kansas City's first round selection NOW. But I want to here your take if the Chiefs should retain interest in the most talented player in the draft or find someone who will benifet in an empty position?

BW: I don't think the Thomas signing will get in the way of adding Curry. Thomas will be 36 in September and he was signed for one season, so that will not preclude the Chiefs from taking a linebacker early.