Raiders, Chiefs benefit from new draft grade

The Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs were big beneficiaries in Mel Kiper’s 2010 draft re-grade.

In an interesting ESPN.com Insider piece, Kiper re-graded the draft for each NFL team after reviewing the season. He compared the new grade to the grade he assigned each team immediately after the draft.

Let’s take a quick look at Kiper’s past-and-current grades for each AFC West team. We will go in order the best post-season grade.

Kansas City

Kiper’s current grade: A

Draft-day grade: B-minus

Why: Kiper said he underestimated the completeness of this group on draft day. The Chiefs got five significant contributors on a division winner with this draft.


Kiper’s current grade: A-minus

Draft-day grade: C-plus

Why: Kiper admits he made a big mistake, by giving the Raiders’ massive jump on his re-grade. The Raiders got four solid starters, who could be the nucleus of a playoff team for next several years.


Kiper’s current grade: C-plus

Draft-day grade: C-minus

Why: Kiper sees up to five nucleus players from his draft. He admits the overall grade could jump or take a nosedive depending on the play of quarterback Tim Tebow, who Kiper said he is yet to be sold on.

San Diego

Kiper’s current grade:

Draft-day grade:B

Why: C-minus

Why: The Chargers didn’t get much from the class other than first-round pick Ryan Mathews. He was good when healthy. But he wasn’t on the field enough to garner the Chargers a good re-grade by Kiper.