You pick it responses

We had an easy winner on our AFC West storyline feature this week.

It’s former Denver tight end Shannon Sharpe being elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on his third year of eligibility. The other two candidates was Kansas City promoting offensive line coach Bill Muir to offensive coordinator and Oakland bringing back former defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan for an unspecified role.

The readers got this right. Having a player from the division go into the hall of fame is a major story. This was no contest. That’s to everyone who participated. Here are some of your responses:

Erik from Chicago: Any time a member of the AFC West makes it to the Hall of Fame, that has to be a lead story. The AFC West was a beast of a division from about 1993 to 1996 with truly awesome divisional rivalry in that period. And Shannon Sharpe was one of the reasons for that. Boy, did he hate the Raiders.

Adam from Nashville: Well, since assistants come and go, but the HOF is forever, the story is Sharpe. Tight Ends have a tougher time going into the Hall, and the fact that Sharpe went in as quick as he did is a testimony to his importance to the team. He will be joined all too soon by Gonzo of Chiefs legacy, but certainly Sharpe paves the way a bit easier with his induction. When Tony makes it, the AFC West will each have at least one representative in the Hall for that position. With so few TE's in, that is significant

Jason from Parker, CO.: Sharpe making the HOF is this big one... FINALLY another Bronco in the HOF! And just shows that the voting committee understands that he was more than just a receiver! Though the OAK hiring w/o specifying a job title is quite a story too. WHO DOES THAT?!?

Scott from Charlotte, N.C.: Has to be Shannon Sharpe finally getting in. He changed the TE position. He just added to it by being so funny and outspoken. And that is more respectable and witty when u have 3 rings (uh, today's Jets).

Daylon from Wyoming: Gotta be the Muir story. It will be intersting to see if they can seamlessly transition after such a good season and not have any drop off. Is Cassel going to regress?

Christopher Merrill from Tulsa: Bill: I would have to say Sharpe going to the HOF is the AFC West Storyline. There were many who thought of Sharpe as more of a hybrid rather than a tight-end, but he was in some ways a continuation of the way tight-ends were used in the AFC West. Think of Kellen Winslow to name one and it continues today. Tight-ends have a special role in the AFC West and it is good to see Sharpe make it. Well done, well done indeed.

Tye Copeland from Springfield, MO.: The story of the week is Shannon Sharpe making the Hall of Fame. While I am a Chiefs fan and HATE hearing Sharpe talk about he was the best TE ever on his pregame show, he did pave the way for the real greatest TE to ever play (Tony G.) and for the other great TE's playing (Gates, Witten, Daniels, etc.)