Around the AFC West

A trip around the AFC West headlines:


The Broncos reportedly tried to trade tackle Ryan Harris last year.

My take: Former Denver coach Josh McDaniels didn’t think Harris was a good fit. There has been heavy speculation that Harris will be cut by the new regime. If so, he’ll be picked by a zone-blocking team. He’s talented.

Kansas City

A look at how Todd Haley works with his assistants.

My take: Whether it’s fair or not, the perception is that Haley is difficult to work for. Yes, he has gone through several coaches, and, yes, he is fiery. But the bottom line is Kansas City has improved under his guidance, so his methods shouldn’t be overly criticized.


Former Oakland executive Mike Lombardi believes cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha will leave as a free agent.

My take: Lombardi reasons that because defensive tackle Richard Seymour was given a two-year, $30 million deal Asomugha will be difficult to secure. That is true, but I still have a hard time believing owner Al Davis is going to simply let Asomugha walk. Davis is too competitive. I can see him giving Asomugha a similar deal to Seymour. Now, if that happens, Oakland will likely have difficulty signing many more of its top free agents, but at least Seymour and Asomugha would be in the fold. So, the bottom line is this: It's premature to say that Asomugha will be leaving Oakland.

San Diego

A local columnist thinks the Chargers will be Super Bowl contenders in 2011.

My take: I think the key parts to this story are the quotes from San Diego general manager A.J. Smith. It's clear Smith is honest about his team and he knows the ramifications of the team missing the playoffs in 2010. Smith seems focused on trying to improve this team.