Oakland and San Diego headlines

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson


Former star receiver Tim Brown clarifies a statement made about Oakland owner Al Davis.

My take: I think everyone should make their own opinion on a topic like this. Brown created this situation and it was good he addressed it.

San Diego

Dan Fouts wants his Chargers coach, Don Coryell, in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

My take: An argument can certainly be made for Coryell's election. He was one of the great offensive innovators in the game's history. Many league historians consider him responsible for how wide open the game has become. Indeed, there are worse candidates for the Hall of Fame than the creator of the "Air Coryell" offense. Still, there are many worthy candidates who may never get in. Coryell's supporters, such as Fouts, may not want to get their hopes up.