McShay looks at the many levels of the draft

In an Insider piece,Insider Todd McShay has an interesting breakdown of the top draft prospects.

He breaks the prospects down into tiers. McShay’s piece is a good indication of what type of players each team in the division should be looking at with their first pick.

The Denver Broncos, which has the No. 2 overall pick, are in line to get one of the five top-tier players. Four of the five prospects play defense, which is Denver’s greatest need.

The San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs, according to McShay, are looking at fourth-tier players. San Diego has the No. 18 pick and the Chiefs have the No. 21 pick. McShay’s fourth tier begins at No. 18. Several players both the Chargers and Chiefs will consider are in the fourth tier.

Oakland doesn’t have a first-round pick because of the 2009 trade with New England for Richard Seymour. Oakland’s top choice is No. 48. McShay has a 24-player sixth tier in which the No. 48 falls into. There appears to be several quality players in that group.