Dungy gives voice to doubts about Cutler

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Jay Cutler may be gone from the AFC West, but his controversial exit continues to be a topic.

There were a lot of whispers about Cutler's maturity during the saga which led to his departure from Denver in a blockbuster trade to Chicago. However, we now have a credible league voice -- Tony Dungy -- wondering the same thing about Cutler.

As a result of his trade from Denver, Cutler's maturity will be the most questioned part of his makeup. Many, like Dungy did, will wonder if Cutler can handle being an NFL quarterback. He has shown he has all the physical skills, but people want to know if he can handle every aspect of being an NFL quarterback.

Cutler was upset after he caught wind that Denver was considering trading him in a deal for Matt Cassel and never forgave Denver for not leveling with him initially. Denver felt it had no choice but to trade Cutler after 33 days of consternation.

Fair or not, Cutler is going to have to deal with the perception that he is immature. I think he'll deal with it just the way he deals with most things publicly -- by not showing any emotion.

Cutler is as even kneeled as any player I've been around. He gives off the vibe that he is not affected by anything. Is that immaturity or aloofness? I'm not sure. Whether he cares or not, things like Dungy's assessment are bound to continue until Cutler shows otherwise.