Raiders should unleash the Razorback

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The Dallas Cowboys are practicing the "Razorback" formation.

Perhaps the Oakland Raiders are going to work on it extensively this summer. They have the same reason to do so.

Dallas was working on the formation, known around the league as the "Wildcat" because they possess running back Felix Jones. Jones ran a similar offense at Arkansas. His Razorback teammate was running back Darren McFadden, who is a running back for Oakland.

McFadden ran the formation beautifully in college and he is one of the most dynamic young offensive players in the NFL. The Raiders could use some dynamic offensive play in 2009. Oakland toyed with the formation a tad last year. Really, McFadden could never be fully unleashed because of nagging injuries.

It would behoove Oakland to practice the formation often in training camp. With a still-evolving receiving game and a top-notch running game, an added wrinkle such as the Wildcat could keep defenses off balance.

Like in Dallas, the Razorback should be unleashed in Oakland this summer.