Chiefs staying organized during lockout

One of the reasons why the Kansas City Chiefs have rebounded is they have a strong mix of good veteran leadership and young talent.

Second-year safety Eric Berry told a Kansas City radio station that the veterans on the team have arranged a meeting Monday for the players to discuss workout plans and such during the lockout.

"The only thing I've been getting from Brian Waters, (Jon) McGraw and those guys is that they're trying to set up things within the Chiefs," Berry told the radio station. "Just trying to get us together, get the players together and discuss some things. We're supposed to be having a meeting on the fourth. We're just trying to get some things ironed out and get a little schedule together I guess."

This shows that the players in Kansas City are focused on the long-term and believe in the big picture despite the lockout. Teams that take this approach will likely have an easy transition once the lockout ends.

In other AFC West-related nuggets:

Charges against Denver's Elvis Dumervil in a stadium parking-lot flap were dropped.

Denver running back Laurence Maroney was charged with misdemeanor drug charges. It's unlikely Maroney will return to Denver.

The Raiders and Chiefs are working out South Carolina defensive back Chris Culliver.