Chat wrap: Chucky II in Oakland?

Here is a sampling of our AFC West chat, which was held Thursday. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Gabe, Houston: How far could the Broncos drop and still get an elite defensive player? (Dareus, Peterson...maybe Fairley & Bowers)

Bill Williamson: Dareus will be gone early. Peterson and Fairley may be had in 5-7 range and Bowers could drop out of the top 10 because of health concerns.

D, Portland, OR: Dalton to Oakland. What do you think? As an added bonus, if they do pick him I can dust off my Chuckie Doll from the Gruden days.

BW: He's smart, polished and he's a winner. But he doesn't have the big arm Al Davis covets. But I think he'd be worth considering.

Mike, KC, M0.: Do you think kc will address a pass rusher first and who might it be also do you see them adressing the qb and what pick might they use?

BW: I think pass rusher is where KC will look first. They could start looking at QB in 3-4 rounds. Stanzi in the fourth?

Sergio, Tijuana, Mexico: With the new Kickoff rule in place, has Darren Sproles market value gone down enough for him to be viable option to return to the chargers, if he leaves how do you expect the chargers to deal with his role?

BW: Chargers coach Norv Turner has said he thinks the new rules hurt good returners, so I think it does lessen the Chargers' need to give Sproles big money. They are looking at Troy's Jernigan. who could fill that role.