Marcell Dareus' amazing journey


If the Denver Broncos have reservations about making Marcell Dareus their top draft choice, they should read Jeffri Chadida’s profile on the Alabama defensive tackle on ESPN.com.

It’s stunning.

Dareus has overcome a mind-boggling amount of personal tragedy. It’s amazing that a young man has had to deal with the amount of heartbreak that he has had to endure. Yet, Dareus has more than overcome the adversity.

He is on the brink of being a top draft pick next week. Many folks, me included, believe Dareus will end up being Denver’s choice at No. 2.

After reading this story, I’m more convinced Dareus is the right choice. He has his priorities straight and he seems like he’d be a fine fit in the locker room in addition to his boundless potential on the field. Dareus seems like a can’t-miss prospect and you can’t help but root for him after reading his compelling life story.