Chat wrap: Could Fairley be the No. 2 pick?

Here is a sample of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday. Thanks to everyone who participated:


Chad from CA.: If Dareus goes off the board at 1, wouldn't it be logical for the Broncos to snag Peterson? He's basically a clone of Champ Bailey when he was drafted in '99. Two shut down corners, then go with a DT with their second selection??

Bill Williamson: I think a trade, Fairley or Miller would be the call. Honestly, while I think Dareus is the guy, they could make a surprise pick and take Fairley over Dareus. It's not out of the question.

Kansas City

Kasey from Bismarck, ND: Do you think the chiefs could move up to take Julio Jones?

BW: It would likely take a jump up to No. 10. It would cost a lot. Jones would fit but I'm not sure Scott Pioli would do it.


Tony from Richmond, CA.: Will Al cut ties with DHB this year? Or will he hold on similar to JaMarcus Russell hoping for a ROI?

BW: I think DHB has at least two more years. Unlike Russell, he doesn't have work-ethic issues. He has just not developed as a player yet.

San Diego

Austin from Alta Loma, CA.: Bill, don’t you think the chargers should pick a top offensive tackle in the first round? I believe this would be there best bet, if they got a really good run blocker and got that running game going better they could run a possession game and not have to rely on their defense so much which is in transition with a new coordinator and all....

BW: I think Chargers' greatest need is a pass-rusher. I think that area should be addressed first.