The argument for Nick Fairley

There has been speculation the draft stock of Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley is falling.

Earlier in the offseason, Fairley was considered a top-three prospect and a potential target of Denver at No. 2. But because of potential red flags of character, Fairley’s stock may have dipped. Many draft followers believe Fairley will not be a top-five pick. Fairley is tabbed for Tennessee at No. 8 in our bloggers’ mock draft.

However, in an ESPN.com Insider piece, KC Joyner believes Fairley should be a top pick. Joyner has evidence that suggests Fairley doesn’t take plays off. Joyner compares him to Detroit stud defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who was the No. 2 overall choice last year.

I think Denver may be leaning toward taking Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus at No. 2. But there is a chance it could pick Fairley. He was incredibly productive and dominant last year and Denver may be intrigued by Fairley.

Joyner clearly thinks that’s a good idea.

What do you think? Would you take Fairley over Dareus? Fill up the comment section below with your thoughts.