Sound-off responses

Several Denver Broncos’ fans responded to our sound-off question, asking if they were happy with Denver’s selection of Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller over Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus with the No. 2. Most fans who responded agree with the choice. Here are some of your responses:

Mike D. from Dunedin, New Zealand: Hey Bill, I think the Broncos made the wrong choice on day 1 selecting Von Miller over Marcel Dareus. Teams are built in the trenches, the Broncos have not had a good/great defensive tackle in a long time and they passed on their chance to get one. I think Von has the potential to be a great player for us, however, I am concerned with the track record of highly taken LB's in the draft in recent years (Curry/Hawk/Gholston).

Kyle Gasner from San Diego: I am very pleased with the Broncos’ selection of Von Miller. Yes, Marcell Dareus would have been a huge upgrade to the DL but I don't think they could have passed up a guy like Von. He’s best pass rushing linebacker in 10 years. He is an elite player and personally i believe he will be a hall of famer if he produces in the NFL like he did in college. Mark my words though, Von Miller and this newly revamped defense will lead us to the promise land again!!!

Aaron Erfman from Littleton, Colo.: I'm very excited that we got Von Miller in the draft. I watched him in the combine and Senior Bowl and thought to myself he looked really similar to someone else I saw a few years befroe; Patrick Willis. Then I compared their numbers side by side and I was sold. The guy has amazing ability, not to mention great technique. I agree completely with the Broncos reasoning of needing to get more speed on the defense and thinking Von is a guy who only comes out once in 10 years. It's not like Dareus is going to run down Jamaal Charles or cover Antonio Gates. Pair that up with the fact Fox never drafted a DT before the 3rd round and always had a stout D-line. I am very happy! I didn't question Shanahan on RB's. I didn't question McDaniels on QB's, and I'm not questioning Fox on defense. I'd have to be some kind of genius if I could.

Jeremy from Loveland, Colo.: As fast as Larry Fitzgerald and hits as hard as DeMarcus Ware. Coach Sherman says that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. Elway says this guys is a once in a decade kind of player...SOLD!

I think Miller has the ability to be a great player. He produced in college. He was terrific at the Senior Bowl. He was stunning at the combine because of his size and speed. Denver general manager Brian Xanders said he looked like a cornerback who weighs 248 pounds.

Dareus would have fit, but Denver thinks Miller is a player who comes around once very decade. In the end, Denver thinks Miller will make a greater impact than Dareus in his career, so it’s difficult to argue with that choice.