Chat wrap: Will Baldwin help Bowe?

The following are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday


Tony from American Fork, UT:. I read that Fox said we would address the DT in Free Agency. I looked at the list and really don't see anyone that would fill this large void. Am I missing something or does passing up a DT in RD 2 look like a big mistake?

Bill Williamson: It is risky. If the 2010 rules are used for free agency, yes, there aren't many great DTs out there. But Denver has to do something. Denver didn't like the DTs after the first round. That's their choice, but it does have to find a solution somewhere.

Kansas City

Curt from NJ: How much impact will the addition of Jon Baldwin have on Dwayne Bowe this season?

Bill Williamson: I think it positively impacts the entire offense. It will help Bowe because Baldwin can stretch the field and gives the Chiefs a legitimate threat opposite of him.


Shaden from San Francisco: Bill, what are the chances Alex Smith ends up with the Raiders? All he would have to do is cross the Bay Bridge.

BW: If he doesn't stay in S.F. -- and it sounds like he will -- I think he could go home to San Diego and reunite with Norv Turner.

San Diego

Barra804 from San Diego: Hey Bill! Which player drafted by the Chargers do you think will have the biggest and most immediate impact next year and why?

BW: It's got to be (first-round pick Corey Liuget). He is going to be the right defensive end and I expect him to be very disruptive immediately.

Thanks to everyone who participated.