AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Andrew from Los Angeles wants to know why Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Kolb would likely be more expensive than Denver’s Kyle Orton on the trade market.

Bill Williamson: Kolb is 26 and many scouts believe he has a future as an upper-echelon quarterback. Orton is 28 and is considered more of a game manager and is perhaps a stop-gap quarterback. That is why the price tag will probably be higher for Kolb even though he has less playing experience than Orton. Kolb's upside may be higher.

Brian from San Diego wants to know if I think Oakland fifth-round pick Denarius Moore could be a steal.

BW: He is a guy that many league observers like. He has a nice skill set and he came on strong late last season. He could be the type of player that has a chance to contribute right away. Now, he was a fifth-round pick, so it may be a tad optimistic to think he is going to be a stalwart, but he seems like a prospect to watch.

Edward Moretti from Imperial Beach, Calif., wants to know if Travis LaBoy could be a possibility for San Diego once free agency begins.

BW: I could see it. He would be a low-cost player who could fill a situational pass-rushing role. He had five sacks in a reserve role in San Francisco last season. He played for new San Diego defensive coordinator Greg Manusky. Combine the cost, coach connection and need and LaBoy looks like a player who could be on San Diego’s radar.