Raiders need to work alone in Georgia

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports a group of Oakland Raiders and Atlanta Falcons players are talking about holding a scrimmage next week in the Atlanta area. Oakland defensive tackle Richard Seymour is footing the bill for a large group of Raiders to work out next week on their own in Atlanta at a sports performance complex in Georgia.

I love the idea of the Raiders getting together in May during the lockout. However, if I were affiliated with the team, I’d be a tad nervous if players held an 11-on-11 scrimmage against the Falcons.

There could be a serious injury and none of these players are covered by the league. The last thing any player needs is to blow out a knee during a lockout and be lost for the season.

Teams usually don’t scrimmage other teams until training camp. There’s no need to do it now, especially without the controlled environment of NFL coaching.

I know it wouldn’t be a full-blown game, but it’s still risky. I love the desire to work, but the key during an unprecedented time like this is to be smart.

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