Chat wrap: Champ Bailey to safety?

Let’s take a look at some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Henry Workman from Hawaii: Hey Bill, I was just wondering how many years you think champ bailey has left as a starting corner in the league, and do you think the broncos would be accepting to him switching to safety to play a few more years? I figure his mental smarts for the game and knowing what to do and where to be would help him as a possible free safety not to mention that he is a pretty solid tackler. Thanks! Henry

Bill Williamson: I think Bailey will start at cornerback for at least two years. Then, it could be revisited. Bailey has said he could see himself ending his career at safety. He's a smart guy. I could see him having no problem making the switch, which could extend his career.

Kansas City

Amy From Saint Joseph, Mo.: Do you think the chiefs could make a move for a big play maker at wide receiver and let Baldwin be a third string or do you think the chiefs will make a move for another running back because Thomas Jones is getting very old?

BW: I think the Chiefs want Baldwin to be that big playmaker. I think Jones has one year left in the tank.


Donnell Smith from San Jose: Do you see the Raiders making the playoffs this year? If we even have a year.

BW: They need to get better play from the offensive line and the young kids have to continue to get better, but, yes, they have a shot. I'd like to see them play better outside the AFC West. 2-8 isn't going to cut it.

San Diego

Adam, Irvine, CA.: Hey Bill, if Corey Liuget meets his expectations of being a starter on the D-Line how do you think the Chargers defense will do this coming season?

BW: A strong defense would only get stronger. He has the ability to get into the backfield and be very disruptive.