Mike Tolbert is rolling with the punches during lockout

San Diego’s Mike Tolbert is one of the more physical running backs in the NFL. At 5-foot-9, 244 pounds, Tolbert is a bruiser, who is known for bowling over defenders on his way to an extra yard or four.

Tolbert has taken his aggression to an interesting place during the lockout: The boxing ring. Tolbert has started working out in a San Diego area gym after working out with his teammates. Tolbert said he is in supreme shape.

While Tolbert plans to stick to football, he clearly has the aptitude for the ring.

“Mike Tolbert can be a fighter, without question,” his trainer David Soliven said.

It will be interesting to see how superior conditioning gleaned from the boxing ring will translate to the football field when the season starts.

In other AFC West nuggets Sunday afternoon:

Pro Football Weekly takes a look at whether or not the Raiders should take former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft. There’s no doubt, with the lockout still going on, that is one of the most intriguing questions in the AFC West these days. We’ve addressed it a lot and I still think the Raiders, or any other team, should only take Pryor if it can get him in the fourth round or lower. The problem is, the Raiders don’t have a fourth-round pick next year. They don’t have a second rounder, either. So, if the Raiders do take Pryor in the supplemental draft, their 2012 picks would dwindle to four. That’s risky business