Is this why Haley was mad at McDaniels?

There was a juicy AFC West nugget dropped last week while I was on vacation that I’d like to circle back to. While appearing on a Denver radio station, Kansas City punter Dustin Colquitt unscrewed the cork on one of the most salacious stories in the division in 2010.

We all remember the image of Kansas City coach Todd Haley refusing to shake hands with former Denver coach Josh McDaniels and then pointing his finger in McDaniels’ face after a Denver win against the Chiefs last season.

There was speculation that Haley was accusing McDaniels of some form of cheating. Haley would never say. Colquitt believes that was the case.

Colquitt said this to Denver radio station KCUV: “I don’t know if I can answer that within the locker room, but I know that it has something to do with the Spygate, the videotaping. All the stuff like that. And I think Haley was like, ‘Listen, based on that game I can tell what you are doing, and you are cheating.’”

Wow, that’s pretty strong stuff.

The incident happened after the Broncos’ Spygate incident in London in October, but before the incident became public. McDaniels was fired nine days after the incident became public. Denver was 3-9 at the time of his firing. He was fined by the NFL after the team’s former video director filmed a San Francisco walk-through the day before the teams played.

The league found no evidence McDaniels was aware of the filming or that he watched the film. McDaniels was in New England when the Patriots were in the center of the first Spygate scandal.

“I think it was just a culmination of rumors and (McDaniels) had been involved in that in New England possibly before, and so Todd was just kind of saying, ‘Look, with the game plan we had and what you guys already knew we were gonna do, this is,’ basically saying it was ‘bush, bush, league,’” Colquitt told the station.

What does all this mean now? Nothing. McDaniels is out of Denver and Haley has never talked publicly about why he exploded at McDaniels. Haley apologized for his actions. Colquitt’s comments won’t change anything, but it is still interesting to hear his thoughts and it reaffirms what many folks suspected.