Salary-cap breakdown

We won’t know exactly what the salary cap situation for each team will be until the new collective bargaining agreement is set. But we do have a sense of what range each team is in. ESPN’s John Clayton reported that the new salary cap will be $120 million. Each team could use a $3 million exemption. The numbers do not reflect tender numbers that have not been officially set yet.


Salary-cap range: $770,000 under.

Summary: The Broncos have work to do in free agency, so they will have to rework some contracts of some older players including safety Brian Dawkins. Trading quarterback Kyle Orton would also help.

Kansas City

Salary-cap range:$34.3 million under.

Summary: The Chiefs are in fine shape as usual. They can do some spending and there are some areas which they need to focus on. So, this team can get better.


Salary-cap range:$11.7 million over.

Summary: The Raiders will likely have to cut some veterans including guard Cooper Carlisle and restructure the deals of some players.

San Diego

Salary-cap range: $19.4 under.

Summary: The Chargers have a lot of free agents to re-sign and they have the means to do it. As usual, free agency in San Diego will start with keeping their targeted in-house players first.