Time for Raiders and 49ers to share?

The 49ers and Raiders discussed the possibility of a joint stadium for the two teams in the Bay Area. This has long been discussed. My thoughts? Go for it. Both teams need a stadium upgrade. Don’t let a rivalry get in the way of improvement. If the Giants and Jets can co-exist sharing a stadium, so can these two teams.

AsomughaAsomughaSpeaking of the 49ers, NFC West blogger Mike Sando makes his case for the 49ers to steal free-agent prize Nnamdi Asomugha from the Raiders in free agency. I can hear your screams from here, Raider Nation.

In other AFC West nuggets Wednesday:

Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli had a unique opportunity to watch quarterback Ricky Stanzi and learn about his work ethic early in the scouting process. It clearly stuck with Pioli. The Chiefs picked Stanzi in the fifth round in April, and he has a strong chance to be the Chiefs’ backup this season.

San Diego receiver Vincent Jackson denied he was being a potential hold up to the collective bargaining agreement talks. It seems like this story is going away and Jackson will remain a franchised player in San Diego for 2011. I expect Jackson to have a big year and put the Chargers in a position to potentially give him a long-term deal.

It’s time for tight end Richard Quinn to step up in Denver.