Top 10 AFC West free agents

We may actually be a week or so away from free agency. It’s been a long time coming. Let’s look at the top-10 AFC West free agents, who (at this point) are expected to be unrestricted free agents. We are not counting players expected to be franchised or restricted free agents.

Yes, the list is dominated by Raiders and Chargers.

1. Nnamdi Asomugha, cornerback, Oakland:. Asomugha is not only at the top of this list, but he has to headline any free agent list this year. He is, by far, the top free-agent prize in the NFL.

2. Zach Miller, tight end, Oakland: The Raiders have to find a way to extend Miller if he becomes unrestricted. Some team will throw out large dollars for Miller if he gets to free agency. He’s a star.

3. Eric Weddle, safety, San Diego: There will be a big market for this play-making safety. But the Chargers want him back and they have the means to keep this vital player.

4. Malcom Floyd, receiver, San Diego: Floyd has been slow to develop and he has been injured often. But he is a fast, tall target and can catch well. He’s a solid No. 2 receiver.

5. Darren Sproles, running back/returner, San Diego: He is a multi-faceted weapon who can still help a team.

6. Michael Huff, safety, Oakland: Huff is a decent, but not great, player. He made some strides in 2010, but he also had his moments of weakness. Still, he’s serviceable enough to gain some interest.

7. Kevin Burnett, linebacker, San Diego: An underrated, tough guy who the Chargers want back.

8. Stephen Cooper, linebacker, San Diego: He is a pro who makes a lot of tackles. He is getting up in age, but there will be interest in him.

9. Jeromey Clary, tackle, San Diego: He is a solid pro who the Chargers will likely try to bring back.

10. Robert Gallery, guard, Oakland: There’s a strong chance Gallery will end up in Seattle with former Oakland coach Tom Cable. Gallery has already announced he will not come back to Oakland.