AFC West mailbag

Wild Tuesday mail call:

Michael from Sacramento wants to know if I think a lot of free agents will take visits with teams.

Bill Williamson: It’s an interesting question. Because free agency is going to be compacted because of the lockout, I don’t see players having the luxury of visiting multiple facilities and cities and having time to make a decision. Things are going to move quickly and decisions will have to be made almost instantly with training camp looming. Maybe the big, big-name players will visit the team they decide to sign with to have a news conference, but we are going to see a lot of deals made over the phone in this strangest of offseasons.

Devon Self from Springfield, Mo. wants to know if the Chiefs could be interested in Baltimore fullback Le’Ron McClain.

BW: I would be surprised if McClain was a major target of the Chiefs. But they have a lot of salary-cap room, so you never know. But I think the Chiefs like their current running back situation for this season and might stay away from adding a big-dollar veteran at the position.

Derek from San Diego wants to know if I think Denver will look for a tight end in free agency.

BW: The Broncos have other needs in free agency, but I could see them go after a veteran to along with draft picks Julius Thomas and Virgil Green and veteran Richard Quinn. One name to keep an eye on is St. Louis’ Daniel Fells. He is a good veteran who has good hands and could be a good bridge player at the position for Denver.