Chat wrap: Is the Chargers' window closed?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat held earlier Thursday:


Scott from Northglenn, Colo.,: Do you think Tebow has a legit shot at 10 rushing TDs?

Bill Williamson: I think the key number is interceptions for him. His rushing TDs will come, but Tebow has to work on his accuracy among other things.

Kansas City

James from Raleigh, N.C.,: I am of the mind that if Jamaal Charles sustains a significant injury this season the Chiefs can kiss the playoffs goodbye because the opposing defenses will zero in on Matt Cassel . Whats your opinion ?

BW: That goes for a lot of teams and their best player. I think that is one of the reasons why Todd Haley likes keeping Charles' carry numbers under control.


Rick from Raider Nation, Ga.,: With a fast and furious free agency period seemingly in the near future, which AFCWest team will make the largest splash in free-agency? Do the Raiders get that honor assuming MBush and ZMiller are re-signed? Chances ZMiller stays in Oakland? MBush to long term contract or does he play under the RFA tender this season on the way to becoming UFA after the season?

BW: Kansas City and San Diego are currently poised to make the biggest splash. Oakland would be happy to get Miller done. That's a must.

San Diego

Cameron from Kansas City: Bill, why are people talking about the Chargers window closing? They have a young RB, they have a good young core at WR, and they have a top 5 QB that is just peaking. Rivers showed last year that he will make any WR look good. Thanks in advance for your response!

BW: I think its because they've been good for awhile and haven't made it to the big show. As long as Rivers is there, the window is open as wide a window in a house without air conditioning in Phoenix.