Former Charger Turner gets his chance

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Normally when a player leaves a team for another through free agency and has success, fans of his previous team may show some understandable bitterness.

But I doubt Chargers fans will begrudge Michael Turner for any success he has in Atlanta. LaDainian Tomlinson's former backup looks like he is primed for great success in Atlanta. He had an amazing 113 yards on four carries Saturday night in the Falcons' loss to Indianapolis.

Turner left San Diego through free agency this offseason. It was clear for the past two years that Turner would eventually leave San Diego. He needed his chance to be a primary back. Turner was a terrific backup for Tomlinson. But he was never going to bypass the future hall of famer in San Diego.

Turner was always a good Charger and helped them win many games, including at Indianapolis in the playoffs last season. He deserves his success in Atlanta and I'd doubt any Chargers fan would think differently. Plus, the Chargers like rookie Jacob Hester, who has 108 rushing yards, and is primed to replace Turner as Tomlinson's caddy.