Nnamdi Watch: Hurry up and wait

The wee hours of Friday morning have passed and Nnamdi Asomugha is still a free agent.

For how long?

Asomugha entered Tuesday’s feeding frenzy as the top available prize, and after a head-spinning amount of agreements and high-profile trades around the league, Asomugha remains on the open market. The New York Jets are holding off on moving to other matters, and Oakland Raiders fans are hoping that Asomugha will, in the end, decide not to leave them.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said on “SportsCenter” he thinks the Asomugha saga will end Friday or Saturday. He said there is an 80 percent chance Asomugha will team with fellow stellar cornerback Darrelle Revis in the Big Apple. Schefter said the Cowboys are also in it and perhaps another mystery team will step up.

Mike Lombardi of NFL Network tweeted that the Jets and Cowboys are the finalists for Asomugha and that the Raiders’ Bay Area rivals, San Francisco, are out of the running. That is, at least, some solace for Raiders fans. It would sicken many Oakland fans to see Asomugha play across the bay.

Meanwhile, the Jets are clearing more cap room in an apparent attempt to squeeze in Asomugha.

What does it all mean? More of the same. Keep pulling your hair out and wait patiently, please.