AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Mark from Boise wonders if Brodie Croyle will push Matt Cassel for the starting quarterback job in Kansas City.

Bill Williamson: I know there has been some talk on the internet and I know that Chiefs coach Todd Haley is playing it close to the vest. Still, Cassel is not going to lose his job anytime soon. Now, if he is horrible for several weeks, and Croyle learns the system well, then maybe a move could happen. But you can say that about any quarterback. Cassel is going to be given every opportunity to make it work. The new regime believes in him and it has given him $40 million in guaranteed money. Cassel hasn't been bad. He just hasn't dominated. Give him time. He'll be fine.

Jamie from San Diego wants to know if the Chargers could come calling for Lorenzo Neal now that he has been cut in Oakland.

BW: I know this may pain you, Jamie, but I don't see it happening. The Chargers waved goodbye to Neal after the 2007 season and I don't think they are looking back unless they suffer a couple of injuries. Plus, it is not a good sign for Neal's career that he was cut so early in camp. Oakland wanted to make it work. But the Raiders clearly felt Neal didn't have much to offer anymore. I was a bit surprised. He played decently for the Ravens last year. I thought he could help Oakland. But Neal has nothing to be ashamed of. He was an all-time great fullback and was a star for San Diego.

Eric from Mesa, Ariz. wonders if the Raiders should trade Justin Fargas because young Louis Rankin looks good.

BW: If Fargas were to be traded (he was shopped earlier this year), it likely wouldn't be because of Rankin. Yes, Rankin is a nice prospect, but if Fargas were to be shipped out of Oakland it would be because the Raiders felt they could compete with Darren McFadden and Michael Bush as their primary tailbacks. Fargas has his role, but I wouldn't be shocked if Oakland wanted to streamline its offense and grab another draft pick in the process.