Report: Half of AFC West in on Osi

The New York Daily News reports Denver and San Diego are two of the five teams that have expressed interest in New York Giants’ defensive end Osi Umenyiora.

The Giants reportedly want at least a first-round draft pick. It is unlikely any team would give up that type of bounty. The general consensus is that if the Giants are willing to accept a second-round pick, they will likely get willing takers. Umenyiora’s new team will likely have to give him a new deal as part of any trade. He had 11.5 sacks last season and he has 52 sacks in his past five seasons.

On Monday, we looked at the chances of the four AFC West teams making a run at Umenyiora.

I’m a little surprised Denver, which is desperately trying to upgrade its defensive line, is interested. The Broncos have several young pass-rushers, and draft picks are at a premium for this rebuilding team.

Umenyiora would be an interesting fit with a veteran team like the Chargers who want to make a major playoff push. But such deals are out of character for the team.

Clearly this development is worth watching. Interestingly, during the 2010 draft, ESPN.com reported that the Broncos and Chargers were interested in Umenyiora.