Chat wrap: Chiefs aren't getting worse

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Jack from Boston: I think the problem most Broncos fans who support Tebow is that even at Orton's best the Broncos aren't going to win more than 6-7 games--and will be boring doing it. Why not see what Tebow can do and if he fails they know they need to get a QB for their future.

Bill Williamson: I agree. There is no question that Orton is way better than Tebow at this point and he makes them better. But this is probably not a playoff team with Orton. So, why not see what you got in Tebow and move on either way after this season.

Kansas City

Jesse Miller from Missouri: Are the Chiefs serious playoff contenders this year?

BW: They made it last year. And they are getting better. Yeah, they are contenders.


Keith from New Jersey: Where do Richard Gordon and David Ausberry fit into the Raiders plans?

BW: They will get long looks in camp and in the preseason. But they are both late-round picks. It’s unfair to expect major contributions right away. Anything either player gives them in 2011 would be a bonus,

San Diego

Cody from San Diego : Charger D better or worse than last year?

BW: I'd say better. Picked up some nice vets.