Raider great forced to sell rings

Nate D. Sanders announced he has auctioned off three Super Bowl rings from former Raiders punter Ray Guy for a total of $96,216 this week. Guy recently filed for bankruptcy and was ordered by a judge to sell the rings to raise money to pay off his debts. The rings came with a letter of authenticity from Guy.

Great memento for a Raiders' fan, yes, but it’s a sad tale for a legend.

The rings were from Oakland’s three Super Bowl championships, Super Bowl XI, XV and XVIII.

Guy is widely considered one of the best, if not the best, punters to play in the NFL. He was with the Raiders from 1973-86. The strong-legged Guy was changed the game with his ability to boot the ball for long distances but also with precision.

We’ve all heard these type of stories before and it’s sad to see a former great player endure woe and be forced to give up his most cherished possessions from a great career, which many people think should be recognized with a Pro Football Hall of Fame election.