Chat wrap: Baldwin-Jones fight fallout

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat:


Russell from Colorado Springs, Co.: As the Broncos had the league worst defense last year, and now defensive Head Coach John Fox coming in, how much more improved do you think the Broncos Defense will be this year?

Bill Williamson: I think it will make strides. It won't be great, but I think Fox's unit will be more competitive than last year. But the Broncos need good play at defensive tackle. The Ty Warren injury did not help matters.


Tony from Kansas City: How much of an impact will Baldwin's injury have on the Chiefs? Where did you see him on the depth chart?

BW: Unless the injury is worse that it appears, it seems like he'll miss a couple of weeks and he will be ready for the regular season. However, he will miss the playing time. He needs all the reps he can get. So, this situation could push back Baldwin's production in his rookie season.


Carlos from Oakland: Hey BW, would a move like T.O. to Oakland make sense? He wouldn’t be the number 1 and will take those over the middle throws. Thoughts?

BW: I know Oakland has a lot of injuries at the spot, but none seem super serious at this point. I'd hold off on T.O. and see if the youngsters are ready to take the leap if I was Oakland.


Ed from San Diego: What type of years do you see out of Vincent Jackson and Gates?

BW: I think they are both in line to have monster years. The key for Gates is to stay healthy. He was brilliant before his foot betrayed him last season.