Sound-off responses

Kansas City Chiefs fans chimed in on our sound-off question regarding how they feel about first-round pick receiver Jonathan Baldwin. He was reportedly in a fight with teammate Thomas Jones. Baldwin hurt his hand and he will likely miss the rest of the preseason. Here are some of your responses:

Hugo from Ventura, Calif.: I am upset with JB. The thing that I’m okay with is that "it" happened this early in his career and maybe this experience can straighten him out because his selfish attitude will not help this team win and the locker room (backed by coaches of course) will not tolerate it, which is great. We in KC have too much talent, very young too, and the last thing we need is a cancer who brings the team unnecessary drama. So TJ and the rest of the boys pretty much showed him how united this team are and that if he (JB) doesn't work hard and if he isn't a team player, he won’t fit in. This team is building to be a contender real soon and if he doesn't recognize that because of his attitude, then he won’t be there to see his rookie contract end. Coach Haley and Pioli will not allow, not to mention the locker room. We have too many stars in that locker room to risk the possible success that can be achieved, for one player.

Jeremy from Somerset, N.J.: I honestly think the whole Baldwin situation is being blown out of proportion. There are tons of scuffles/fights that go on during training camp. Yes, this one happened to involve the first round pick with character issues, and yes this scuffle happened to end in injury, but I think the Chiefs have the front office and roster to be able to deal with a situation like this and move forward. I'm sure Pioli and Haley had a conversation with him and made it clear that another incident like this won't be tolerated. If anything, as a Chiefs fan I'm glad something like this happened in the preseason. As long as the Chiefs get off to a good start in the regular season, all will be forgotten.

Tommy Linn from Kan.: The fight between Thomas Jones and Jon Baldwin is not comforting by any means. Jones is a leader in the locker room and a proven veteran; I'm not sure why he would be involved in this unless it was a moment where he had to step up. It's hard to imagine what actually transpired, but you have to think that Jon Baldwin's attitude could have been the problem. Maybe Jones just put Baldwin in line. But still, nobody should have been injured in the process.

Will from Salina, Kan.: I'm going to give a pass to Baldwin this time and chalk it up to a rookie being perhaps too confident (insert arrogant if you wish) in his abilities. Since Coach Haley inserted a mentoring program that pairs veterans with rookies, I wonder who is Baldwin's mentor and if he has any issues with his attitude. Apparently, Thomas found something to take issue with but since it is being addressed as a "family matter", we don't have the facts at our disposal. Let's see if this trend continues with Baldwin in the regular season.

I don’t think this incident is the end of the world. But it is red flag for a player who came into the league with character concerns. This incident doesn't mean Baldwin will be a problem for Kansas City, but he will have to be monitored closely. Thanks to everyone who participated.