Scout's vote goes to Chiefs' ground game


Our readers think the Oakland Raiders will have a better rushing offense in 2011 than the Kansas City Chiefs by a slight margin.

However, our favorite go-to scout Matt Williamson (again, no relation) of Scouts Inc. thinks Kansas City’s run game is slightly better. There is no denying it is close. Kansas City had the No.1 run offense in the NFL last year, while Oakland had the No. 2 run offense.

Here are Williamson’s thoughts: “I prefer the Chiefs rushing attack. Their offensive line is just noticeably better. And I think (Jamaal) Charles is the best ball carrier on either team. Plus, their passing game is more dangerous, which helps to free up the running game. Both are excellent, and should continue to be, but I will take Kansas City.”

Still, Williamson thinks the addition of fourth-round pick Taiwan Jones in Oakland could close the gap.

“I think used in spot duty and not overworked, he can have a real place in this league,” Williamson said of the speedy Jones.