Could Briggs be the next Seymour?

It was two years ago this weekend that the Oakland Raiders rocked the NFL by coming out of nowhere and trading for star defensive lineman Richard Seymour.

Could it happen again?

Chicago weakside linebacker Lance Briggs wants to be traded. The Raiders have been considering addressing weakside linebacker (Quentin Groves is the current starter) all summer, especially with the season-ending injury suffered by second-year linebacker Travis Goethel. Oakland owner Al Davis could be tempted to make a run at Briggs, a Sacramento native.

Seymour, who was 29 at the time of his trade, was acquired -- for a No. 1 pick in 2011 -- partly because Oakland’s defense was horrible in the 2009 preseason. Oakland’s defense has struggled this summer. Davis wants to win now and I could see him considering making a run at Briggs. He’d be another player on a talented unit.

Financially, making it work might be tight. Briggs, 30, wants more cash. But we know financial restraints haven’t gotten in Davis’ way in the past when he wanted to do something.

ESPN.com NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert doesn’t think Chicago will trade Briggs, so this deal won’t be easy if the Raiders are, indeed, interested.