Todd Haley hands off play-calling duties

Four days before the start of the season, Kansas City coach Todd Haley said at his news conference Wednesday that new offensive coordinator Bill Muir will be the primary playcaller this season.

Haley said Muir scripted and called the plays in the preseason. Muir takes over as offensive coordinator for Charlie Weis, who is now at the University of Florida. Muir was offensive line coach last year and still has those duties. Muir, 68, was Tampa Bay offensive coordinator when they won the Super Bowl, but head coach Jon Gruden called the plays. Muir has never been a primary playcaller.

Haley, who was the offensive coordinator in Arizona before being hired in Kansas City, took several weeks to promote Muir and then he wouldn’t say who would call the plays. He had said several members of the Chiefs’ coaching staff, himself included, would have a hand in the plan. I bet that continues in some form. Haley did say he will help with the game plan during the week but the offense is in Muir’s control on game day.

I’m surprised Haley is not calling the plays because of his experience. But, in the end, it is best for him to have someone else call the plays. Haley called the plays in 2009, his first season as the Chiefs’ head coach. He admitted he was stretched too thin. Things worked much better last season when Weis called the plays.

Haley will always be there to assist Muir, but Haley has many other responsibilities to worry about, so having Muir call the plays is the right decision for now.